about us

Welcome to ONLYPANTS61,
your pants and vintage plug! I'm Tom and founder of ONLYPANTS61. During the Corona pandemic, I started selling my grandfather's old clothes and then slipped further and further into this business and started looking more and more for the most dope vintage jeans. This is how I currently finance my law studies in my hometown of Graz, where ONLYPANTS61 is also based, and hope to be able to call this my profession in the future. That's why you should support me and shop with me so that I can make my little dream come true. (just joking)^^ Furthermore my team and I carefully check each item for authenticity and quality and donate any items that are not original to charitable organizations. My team and I always strive to answer all your inquiries etc. as quickly as possible and to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and a smile on your face.

ONLYPANTS61 wishes you a nice day and good shopping!

XOXO your vintage plug<333